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Facility Design


Planning for success

Every dealership needs a plan to perform at its best. At The Showroom Guy Inc, we offer our Automotive Retail experience &  years of innovation to design Automotive Environments that are functional and welcoming. We look at how to enhance a dealership's operations, then create a flow plan that will help departments run smoothly and profitably.

With thoughtful facility planning, we take the vision of your dealership and provide you with the blueprint to make it happen. The auto dealerships we build in Canada and the U.S with our partners are designed to encourage sales, promote service and keep customers coming back.

Facility Design and Consulting

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With many years of experience in Fixed Operations of Automotive Retail we understand how a successful dealership works. By working with you and your staff to develop an operations plan, we can design your conceptual building plan to reflect your style and needs. Or perhaps you have a conceptual plan you would like us to review and make design suggestions to improve functionality, productivity and most importantly profitability. By discovering problematic areas early we can help you avoid costly revisions during the construction phases.

Service Department Design

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Our President Paul Reed managed several Service Departments throught out his career and turned them into Top Performing Service Departments. Paul always says , It's Not the size of shop, but the Productivity of a Shop that brings in Profit. The Showroom Guy's main focus in the Service Department is to look at the layout & the flow of the shop. Does it all work smoothly? We look at everything from Customer Drop Off area, Service Wrire Up to Technicians receiving the job and location of vehicle in relation to a Technician bay. As consultants to the automotive dealer we will also determine all service department needs and locate equipment and systems accordingly. We will provide you with a full set of plans for the following systems:

Fluid Dispensing & Bulk Fluid Storage Systems(Motor Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, and Window washer FluidNon-Fluid Systems (Compressed Air, High Pressure Wash, Vacuum, Domestic Cold Water, and Electrical Drop Cord Reel)Environmental Systems (CO Extraction, Waste Oil and Waste Antifreeze Extraction)Lifting Devices and Equipment LayoutEquipment and Lifting Device Electrical RequirementsInterior and Exterior Lighting PlanningDrain Plan with recommended floor slopesTechnician workstation and Parts Department LayoutOverhead Door plan

Equipment Installations

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Planning is one thing, making sure it all comes together smoothly is quite another. Success comes from having a great plan & having that plan exicuted properly. This is why we like to be part of the Design & Installation of any equipment we recommend. Our on-site project management team is there to co-ordinate all installations and equipment deliveries and bring it all together.

Design Meets Function

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We like to base our designs on the most current and technologically advanced equipment to ensure your space meets the requirements and needs of the equipment you purchase and you achieve a functional and profitable dealership.